Basterfield House
The Brief

The brief for this second floor, two bedroom apartment in Basterfield House, Golden lane Estate, London:

To refurbish a small bathroom, providing good bathing/shower facilities and a washbasin at a suitable height for a tall user.

Excellent storage and an illuminated mirror.

To renovate the kitchen with the aim of maximising both space and light.

The Result

To meet the brief, the bathroom space needed to be reconfigured. We repositioned the bath to face into the room, constructing a wall at the foot of the bath to house the plumbing to the shower and thermostatic valve, so creating a separate alcove for the bath/shower facilities. We tiled with a small rectangular white tile in a brick style.This area was illuminated by a new light fitting positioned high on the opposite wall.

The height of the basin work top was raised to suit the client, generous wall hung drawers were suspended underneath to store most items, creating a clutter free zone. The plumbing to the basin spout and controls was boxed in and tiled, with an illuminated mirror above.

To achieve the goal of maximising light and space in the kitchen, we had to completely redesign the layout. To increase light, we used white matt handleless units to reflect more of the natural light from the kitchen window. We first concealed the unsightly boiler unit and moved the gas cooker to infront of the window. The sink was replumbed on the other side of the kitchen with the dishwasher and washing machine located conveniently on the opposite side. A tall cupboard and drawer unit was built at the end of the long run on the sink side for additional storage. Brushed grey aluminium laminate work tops and white tiles increase the overall perception of space.

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