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I began my professional life as a fashion designer based in London and Cape Town, later moving into the specialist decorative field working on many international projects. My early design experience has given me invaluable knowledge of form and texture, as well as a love of colour and pattern.

From the early 1990's I combined property development with interior design for private residential clients. Much of my work now is based in the City, primarily in the Barbican complex and North London.

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Barbican London

I have completed many renovations within the complex. For those new to the Barbican, I have included a few words on the development.

As early as the 1930's, plans were being drawn up for the City redevelopment. These focused on business and commerce in London with little consideration given to residential areas, these would be developed in the suburbs.

The immense changes in architectural design in the post war decades dramatically affected the evolution of the Barbican. New building materials, engineering achievements such as suspending the underground on rubber to reduce noise and vibration under the complex and specialist technology for waste, power and ventilation all contributed to making the Barbican a truly unique development.

The early designs were altered many times before finally being approved. The architects Chamberlin, Powell and Bon were keen to create a new living environment for Londoners utilising European influences such as garden space adjacent to living areas, and American technology. They looked at earlier London developments such as Dolphin Square and the Albany and noted that the success of these schemes lay in their inward looking approach.

The scheme was aiming to appeal to a more affluent society after the drab, grey 1950s.

The Barbican has become a sought after central London residential address. To see what is possible when renovating, browse the links below to a selection of projects I have completed around the Barbican.

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