Interior Design

Many of my clients are busy professionals who have a vision of how they would like their living space to be but little time to structure and manage the project.

How you lead your life and your needs, dictate the development of the scheme, your opinions, concerns and involvement are crucial to its success.

With extensive experience in the interior design industry, I can help bring your vision to life and will relieve you of as much of the organization as you wish to relinquish as well as working closely with you to develop your own, distinctive, living space.

My service offers innovative design with excellent planning and co-ordination of projects. Problems are resolved by taking into consideration the scale of the space, its suitability for the purpose and always keeping the solution simple yet aesthetically pleasing.

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Barbican Estate
Renovations London

As a stalwart of modernist principles, the Barbican continues to be a popular residential space, especially after the recent renovations.

Based on the modular system of proportion, the apartments have unique, often compact floor plans that raise various spatial challenges for interior designers.

I have successfully managed numerous renovations in the Barbican complex. My familiarity with the construction and location of services in this block allows me to offer you valuable insight into maximising your living space.

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